Kid Tested, Chef Tested, Dietician Verified!

Michigan grown products utilized in healthy recipes are what you will find on this site. Whether you are looking to hide vegetables in your family’s meals or spice up your daily salads, this website has something that will help you enjoy Michigan products year-round.

The Michigan Restaurant & Lodging Association Educational Foundation team members tested the Heart Beets Muffin Recipe and it has become a new family favorite for many of us. Adding butternut squash in Mac-N-Cheese is a great way to add nutrients.

Are you looking to add more plant-based protein into your diet? Inside this collection, you will find black bean and cranberry bean recipes. Michigan is the second-largest producer of dry beans; they can be used year-round and pack all kinds of nutrients into your diet. We are very excited to provide you recipes that use beans in many unexpected ways! Try the Chocolate Bean Cookie, 21 grams of protein per serving!

Every time you choose Michigan grown products, you are investing in our economy. When you use your Michigan produce to make these recipes, you are investing in your health. We hope you enjoy the recipes as much as the students enjoyed learning about new foods and unique ways to present them to the public.